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Seeking Play Submissions and Directors

DirectorsCenterStage North is now accepting submissions of plays from directors for our 2017 season. Please complete the form linked below and send a digital copy of the script for the show you are submitting by Jun 14. E-mail the completed form and script to mattcalvo@yahoo.com. Any questions can be sent to the same e-mail. Directors will be notified if your play has been selected for our season.


CenterStage North Show Submission Form

Current Production


Farming Beauty by Kevin M. Renshaw                       August 5-13farming beauty

CenterStage North is proud to present a world premiere by one of our own CSN members, Kevin Renshaw. Art is influential; one painting can change lives and the actions inspired by art can have lasting repercussions. This is the story of Mona, a Pennsylvania farm girl turned installation artist, curator and grandmother. Relive Mona’s fateful New York city night with her boyfriend Benji in 1963 at Andy Warhol’s Factory. Reflect again with Mona her grandson Raymond and his fiancee Becca in the year 2000 at Mona’s studio near Allentown, PA. Farming Beauty explores art, truth, beauty, blessings, and curses.

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